Risking the Reef

by Tresh Ferran

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"Risking the Reef" is a sequel to the unreleased "Elven Words" album. It is a concept-based rock album with an accompanying fantasy story set on a distant moon. The story may become a novella that would be available separately in the future.


released September 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Tresh Ferran Damascus, Oregon

The dynamic duo of live-at-home brothers enjoys putting together songs on their free time with inspirations from both fantasy and spiritual topics. They each carry separate band titles, but for Tresh Ferran, they team up to write even awesomer conceptual melodies. ... more

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Track Name: The Onslaught
I breathe the water
I taste the breeze
Surcease the slaughter
Harken to me!

Lap of littoral
Mark unto sun
Tell me your secrets
Know I have none

Lost in the empire, swimming into the unknown
Down to the depths there’s a secret that only they know!

Purport to report
Internal beast
Beneath the water
Cipher to keep

Veins of the ocean
Bleed where I am
Wherewithal token
Floret too grand

The empire breathes
The empire sees
The empire feels
The empire runs free
Track Name: Dalcursia
They’re coming with the morning
They’re coming with the day

Dear Krenne, your day has come
Into the dawn, your qualm
In my arms you’ll find your peace
Until my day, your calm

Life unheld is life alone
My wrath may not abide
You, the dark is at your feet
Dust to dust reside

Fierce to farce they play your death
My child, you must not know
Ne’er I turn my face from you
Fore’er your e’r will show

See me in the earth abide
Know me in your wake
To master art deception’s kiss
The dark your soul to take

The dark your soul to take
Track Name: Determination Breeds Return
Determination breeds dissolution
Interpolated me and them, oh
Inside the hearts of God’s misguided
The venin courses, rapacity of those

Seen in the distance, articulation
Cambering forms, chimera in two, oh
They heist my answers into the motion
Inscience of ancients, I take to my death…

Have, oh have you forgotten your own selves? Oh

Come to the river, absent without
Leaving a trace on gravity, oh
The trace they’re leaving, an absence of doubt
Into the waters to resonate that sound

Nothing hidden under the sun
Two eyes detect a lease on grief, oh
Groundless intentions rise up in that dream
So I know, I take to my death…

I take to my death, take to my death
Track Name: Tunnels
Under the canopy of sky I know I can follow
What’s under my feet to broken lights toward
the bright be yonder
Beneath the canopy of Earth I have lost my way
Asunder to depths that toss that grave your life will follow

Into the wild you know that He will light your way

I’ve lost my way
These paths of broken space
I’ve lost my way
To water finds my grace

Faced with the choice of two dark stars that will lead to my
Becoming the man whose trifled paths hold two bright stars
Like water my course will run so freely before my own two
Eyes I can see but feet before me to feet before me

I’m finding that the options have changed. If we only subject ourselves to path one or path two, well that leaves out path three only because it wasn’t laid out before us. So now we’re…digging through walls…

To night the day
My walls are closing in
But I’ve found my way
Will water find my grave?
Track Name: Risking the Reef
To opine the the impossible code
If we only looked up
Fall to the lot rocks forms, a volcano
If we only looked up
Who is her but to find ourselves
If we only looked up
Change ourselves the time fate allows
If we only looked up

So I'll tell you now,

Cache it simple, the world tells lies
Keep reed on tight now
Pedal back now a blown disguise
Keep reed on tight now
Disarranging the thoughts of my mind
Keep reed on tight now
Friend to siege and lay flag behind
Keep reed on tight now
Track Name: Ellos
Do you know who Ellos is?
Do you know your creator?
Do you know who Ellos is?
Did you know that he paid for us all?

‘Cause these elven words can’t describe his love for us
He loves even though we’re sinners here
‘Cause these elven words can’t describe his majesty
It’s more than just the beautiful skies and seas

Do you know where your iniquity is?
Do you know your deceiver?
Do you feel all your blemishes?
Did you know that he wants to take you soul?

Ellos, Ellos you are my God
Track Name: Flame Desire
History now within you speaks out
When time and regret grip tightly inset
A heart that’s hoping for something missing
While life it flees your two arms its running ‘round

Earth is dying, now please stop crying
‘Cause ways will be found, like I have found you
Out of darkness, this beauty it grows, so
How can you say no good will come in truth

Hearts are giving into you
My heart’s a living thing
We can’t know all that you gave hold to
My heart’s on your flame desire

Memory here, it fades away to
Your something lost that will hinder its use
Feel something deeper, a longing for earth
To swallow you up and give you new birth

Listen to me; you don’t know what’s good
Your head it’s spinning, some dark deed you would
Without me love lost, oh irony be found
So trust their love, our love spirits to abound!

I have found
That no one else
But you could
Restore what’s dead

And I have found
You are the one
Who’s dead to us
Ne’er known so lost

And I have found
You are what you
Have longed for
So hear me now
Track Name: Lingonias Hollow
Where you live is not your own, you
Make things good out of all things new
Hands they move with life above you
Home is you not where you are

Rest now slow, take in all you have ‘cause
Life it blooms in the dark before
Colors breathe a gown to mourn you
Can’t you see all that they ignore?

I know that you would see me through to the end, and
Your heart breathes life in this place (I see)
The flowers bloom in the dark by the light of the sea
The world’s calling out your name, your name

As the moon waits for night to touch you
Something blooms in your darkest hour
With the day comes a change in motive
All around, hollow to devour

Come now, Earth, take a breath and see me
There is truth circling this place
I must do what my heart it tells me
Though you call, know I cannot stay

You’re more than you
You’re more than you could ever know
You’re more than you
This life, your love may ever grow

Now go in peace
Tonight’s not our last
I’d go with you
You’re worth more than you will ever know!
Track Name: The Fight
What if you came back to fight?

Words will prime a definition of what
Speaks to hearts of men of this dark day
Now you want it, strive to keep it hidden
Come upon the scene of your failure

She has never held to lead your way
Should’ring all your fears and your ripe pain
Take up that man that I once knew
Take up your stand we will pull through

Into the night we drive the blade
Not to take a life we save this fate
Earth it is we see the dark sight for
God it is our cause has now touched yours

Wake and taste the light, I can see it
Hope is with the dawn, I can feel it
Wait me not for long, this will be won
Vacancy of those who rend not one

Words will speak the heart
Oh, wake and taste the dark
Oh, words to prime your start
I said, unleash your heart

What if you came back to life?
Track Name: End of Stories
When you would think of me
May it be as this first
Wind upon the earth
Breathes the breath of life

Ends to my story
Undulate between
Two goods of crowning glory
But one to lesser realms

When I hear some stories
I don’t know why
But I cry

Tread of those before me
Ever hold an ending
To project the future
To project my death

Still your pent up fears now
Death is not an end but
Ingress to substantial
Heights of mended love